DD3 Eagle McMahon Swirly S-Series Cloud Breaker

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Check out the much-anticipated Cloud Breaker from Disc Mania! Eagle McMahon's signature distance driver lives up to its name: This disc can crush! The DD3 is a stable to overstable distance driver that offers a ton of glide for players who are able to get this disc up to speed. The DD3 cruises down the fairway with enough stability to handle pro level power without turning over and enough glide to give the disc a full flight. The stability of the DD3 also makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their forehands. Fans of beat in PD2’s will find a reliable replacement straight from the store with the DD3. 


The Swirly S-Series blend is a multi-color S-Line material, offering an wide array of color options.