Corvette STAR - XXL 20 Year Tour (Yeti Disc)

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Celebrate 20 years of touring for Jay and Des Reading with this commemorative XXL Dual Color AND Bottom Stamp Star Corvette! They've been trucking around the country bringing disc golf to kids far and wide with the E.D.G.E program, and now they want to share a piece of that travel with you. Each image on the Gaia Madre is an homage to the places they've been to spreading the word of Disc Golf! The Corvette is the newest addition to the high speed drivers in the Innova lineup. It flies similar to the Shryke, but with a bunch more speed to add more distance to your throw. Like its namesake, the Corvette is FAST!. The STAR plastic provides exceptional durability and grip, making it a popular choice for players of all abilities.