Shock Neutron

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The Shock is MVP's straight-to-overstable control driver. MVP listened to their fans and tweaked the Shock for more overstability after the 1st Run -- our stock is now entirely the new extra-stabilized Shock! With significantly less turn than the Volt, the Shock is made to carry long straight lines ending in a dependable fade, even in moderate to strong headwinds! While it has the easy grip of a fairway driver, the Shock's GYRO Technology pushes its flight more into the distance category. Truly unique design from MVP. Neutron Plastic is MVP's much anticipated grippy and durable update to the old opaque plastic of their early days. Features: MVP Shock Driver with factory stamp Overstabilized "non-1st Run" type Stable Fairway Driver Durable Grippy Neutron Plastic Unique 2-piece construction.