Beast Champion Tie-Dye

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 Check out the Champion Beast! This is an awesome ultra-long range driver from Innova with great predictability off the tee. It is a close cousin of the Valkyrie. The Champion Plastic will ensure the disc survives those unavoidable encounters with trees without too much damage. How do you improve on a classic? How about by adding a sweet tie-dyed pattern?


  • Speed 10
  • Glide 4
  • High Speed Turn -1
  • Low Speed Turn +2
  • Innova Champion line
  • All tie-dye discs are unique - You will NOT receive the disc pictured.

Every tie-dye is unique, and this product's image does not represent the color or pattern you will receive. Manufacturers produce literally thousands of unique looks for tie-dyed discs from which we get a random assortment.